Pictured are some of the publications where my work has been seen.

The UA Journal ran my Local Laughs cartoon on the back cover for just over a year. They also featured two articles about me and my cartooning. Celebrating Greyhounds (cgmagazine) is currently running my Knot Rite cartoons in every issue. While Knot Rite cover gags about a variety of subjects, for cgmagazine I write humor based on the greyhound breed of dogs. Lighthouse Digest featured one of my lighthouse related cartoons in 2008. The Rhode Island Monthly magazine ran an article about my cartooning goals and as a result the Westerly Sun newspaper decided to feature my cartoon work on Saturdays. Knot Rite has been running every Saturday since October of 2010 in the pages of the Sun.

I continue to find more places for my cartoons. Throughout this website you can see where I've interwoven some of my cartoon gags to fit with the content of the text. It's a nice and natural way to include some fun in what might otherwise be just straightforward text. And let's not forget the 404 error pages. I'm looking forward to designing more of them. The 404 page seems to have been created with the cartoonist in mind.

If you're interested in adding some cartoon fun into your pages, let's discuss it. Or if you'd like to have a memorable 404 error page, why not contact me and perhaps I can conjure up something with my unique humorous twist on it. But remember, as my Home Page says, I'm more than just a cartoonist. You can tap me for my other abilities as well.

  • Cover of Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine
  • Cover of Rhode Island Monthly Magazine
  • The Westerly Sun Newspaper Logo
  • Cover of the UA Journal