I'm not sure what "Words" will develop into. I guess for now it'll be kind of a journal. Perhaps a blog. An update on what I'm currently working on. The progress on my work.

Mimes having a silent auction.Writing a journal is a little strange. To me it's akin to interviewing yourself.

"No it's not!"

Yes it is!

"It isn't!"

. . . As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, writing a journal is like interviewing yourself. You've got to come up with topics you're interested in hearing about. And then you've got to express your view on said topics. Bordering on the schizophrenic.

And then the danger exists on mounting a soap box and then commence to nitpicking about the world around you. "Why can't you use the shoulder to make your turn? You idiot!!" Expressing your superiority to the rest of the world at large.

Perhaps keeping an online journal is a way to feed the hunger of an ego. Keeping it obese and sluggish. A foul looking character that offends at every opportunity. My ego is hard to control. I've tried to google an "ego whisperer" but with nary a result. For now I've got to pitch what nutrients I can at it to keep it appeased.

Thus ends my first enty into my online "Journal". Next time, I'll tackle the subject:

Shut Up Already!!